Danish education

If you are a foreigner living in Denmark, learning Danish is very important in order for you to do well. Danish is the key to getting a job, an education and becoming integrated in the Danish society. AOF Language Centre offers courses in Danish language, culture and society.

The ordinary Danish education

The classes are divided into three different Danish educations and each education is divided into different modules, which gives you the opportunity to be placed in a class at your level. It is possible for you to finish your education with a Government-controlled exam.
    • Danish education 1 is organized for students, who cannot read nor write in their mother tongue and for illiterates that cannot write in a European language.
    • Danish education 2 is organized for students, who have a short- or medium length educational background.
    • Danish education 3 is organized for students, who have a further or higher education.

Each Danish education has 6 modules

Each module has a specific content. After each module, you have to take a test to continue onto the next module. It is possible for you to finish your education by taking a Government-controlled exam. ((please press for further information)) Before you can begin your Danish course, you need to have an interview with a study counsellor, and the Language Centre needs to confirm your participation with the municipality. More detailed information is available at The Danish Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing. You are allowed to spend up to 5 years before finishing your Danish education.  


Prices (Costs) If you have the right of learning Danish, your local municipality – kommunen – will pay the costs of your course. Normally you have this right for a certain period within your first five years of stay in Denmark. Contact your local municipality. For persons that are self-supporting a deposit of DKK 2000.- must be payed prior to attending courses. This amount will be returned to you if you meet the requirements.


Self-supporting students have the following maximum amount of months to complete a module:
Danish 1 Danish 2 Danish 3
Module 1 4 months 4 months 4 mdr.
Module 2 5 months 5 months 5 mdr.
Module 3 7 months 7 months 7 mdr.
Modul 4 8 months 8 months 8 mdr.
Module 5 9 months 9 months 9 mdr.
Module 6 9 months 9 months 9 mdr.
A total of max. 42 months 42 months 42 months