Privacy Policy

How we process your personal information.

When you sign up for a course, we ask for information about you.

Below we would like to inform you about how we store and process your information.


We store and process your personal information to handle your course attendance.

In some cases, we will also report information to the municipality and state. However, it will only happen in cases where local law requires it or we have contractual obligations that require it.

Legal background

The legal basis for processing your information is the General Data Protection Regulative article 6, 1, b and §6 of the General Data Protection Regulative. You can find them here.

If changes occur in the General Data Protection Regulative or local law, we will ensure that this privacy policy is updated.

Categories of personal information

The information we need about you will typically be in the “General Information” category, but in some cases also in the “Sensitive Information” category.

In connection with your participation in activities with us, you will accept a consent statement. This statement will contain a precise description of the information we need to register about you and to whom they may send the information.

Recipients of information

In addition to the recipients stated in the letter of consent, the following may also have access to your information.

  • The IT vendors and other data providers who deliver our IT systems.
  • The local department’s accountant.

These providers have signed data processing agreements that they do not pass on your data.

Where do your information originate from?

We process the information you provided to us or received from municipalities, a-kasser, public registers or your employer.

Storing of your information

We keep your information until the course has been completed and up to 5 years after the completion of the course.

In special cases – eg EU projects or in accordance with Danish legislation, the information can be stored for longer than 5 years.

Your rights

Your rights regarding your privacy-information are described in more detail in Datatilsynet’s Guide:

Contact Information

You can contact your local AOF Language Center, where you will be referred to the Personal Data Manager.

Find your local language center here: